Class: Game

VowelWorm. Game

new VowelWorm.Game(options)

Name Type Description
options Object optional Configuration options
Name Type Default Description
worms VowelWorm.instance | Array.<VowelWorm.instance> Any VowelWorm instances to begin with
width number 700 optional The width of the game board
height number 500 optional The height of the game board
background number 0xFFFFFF optional The background color of the game
element HTMLElement document.body optional What to append the graph to



Inserts a worm into the ever-increasing frenzy of VowelWorm.


You can change this with game.ipa = true/false

Begins animation of worms


Represents the threshold in dB that VowelWorm's audio should be at in order to to plot anything.
  • isSilent